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Moshling Watch - Wuzzle appears in the Moshling Zoo

Wuzzle Moshling

It’s hardly a secret, but Wuzzle the Wandering Wumple has appeared in the Moshling Zoo is a brand new set calls the “Gurus”.

Wuzzle is a Rare moshling, but there’s no flower combination for him. As revealed in the latest Moshi Monsters Magazine (Issue 36), you’ll now get a code for Wuzzle when you subscribe or re-subscribe to the magazine.

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Moshling Garden Updated again!

Moshling Garden Update

A little while ago, Moshi Monsters made impovements to the Moshling Garden to make it easier for Non-Members to collect Moshlings.

The good news is that there’s another update which makes the Moshling Garden even better.

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Moshling Watch - New Moshling Hot Wings released

Hot Wings Moshiling

Moshi Monsters have obviously decided that we need more Moshlings. Lots more Moshlings.

This week there’s another new set called “Musos”, with just the one Moshling in it for now. Let’s say hello to “Hot Wings!”

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Moshling Watch - Seed combination for Lummox released

Lummox Moshling

A seed code has been released for Lummox, the Humongous Hogsnorter.

If you remember when Lummox was released back in August it came as a bit of a surprise.

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Moshling Watch - Hoolio completes the Roxstars set

Hoolio Moshling

With the arrival of Moshis vs Ghosts, the fourth, and final, Moshling in the Roxstars set has now appeared in the Zoo!

This time it’s the turn of Hoolio the Creepy Crooner who joins the other Roxstars, Bobbi SingSong, Ziggy and Zack Binspin.

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