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Moshi Monsters codes, Moshings, guides and more!

How to get Raffy the Higgley Hypnotiser

…exclusive Moshling. The real Raffy got a tour of Moshi HQ, Here’s a video of the real Raffy being … he’d won and was going to become a real Moshi Monster. This video was posted way back on the … <a href="https://twitter.com/moshimonsters">moshimonsters thanks so much. …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/moshlings/how-to-get-raffy-the-higgley-hypnotiser · Jul 17, 09:16 AM

How do I get Moshlings?

…My little boy is currently obsessed by Moshi Monsters and judging by the number of members … code (see Special Moshlings below) Complete Super Moshi Missions (See Super Moshi Missions below) Attract … the Seed Cart on Main Street or (if you are a Moshi Member) super seeds. Plant these seeds in each of … Super Seeds Super seeds is only available to Moshi Members. You’ll find that as well as the … Snap Apple Crazy Daisy If you’re into your Moshi conspiracy theories you might read something into …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/moshlings/how-do-i-get-moshlings · Jul 12, 09:59 PM

Goodbye Lady GooGoo, Hello Baby Rox

…If you’ve already completed the first Super-Moshi mission you’ll know that you get Lady … History re-written If you re-play the first Super-Moshi mission now, you’ll find that it’s … Baby Rox! It’s not just the Super-Moshi missions that have been changed. Down in the … 2011.. At the time Mind Candy, the people behind Moshi Monsters were preparing to lauch their Music Rox … the first single from this album would be the Moshi Dance by Lady GooGoo. (You can see see the video …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/news/goodbye-lady-googoo-hello-baby-rox · Nov 27, 03:05 PM

Some Moshi Monsters updates your may have missed

…This been a couple of updates on Moshi Monsters recently that you might have missed I … seems they slipped by under the our radar here at Moshi Secrets HQ! Glump Thumper Medal The first update … awarded when you complete certain actions within Moshi monsters. These are usually pretty easy but this … it yet, have you? Epics added to Season One Super-Moshi Missions That’s right it seems that epics … have now been added to the season one Super-Moshi missions. As you probably know by now, you get …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/news/some-moshi-monsters-updates-your-may-have-missed · Nov 28, 02:55 PM

November secret code update!

…list of all our codes, take a look at our Moshi Monsters Secret Codes page We’ve noticed … The Twistmas website is still live (http://www.moshigift.com), it’s just the codes don’t … disabled the codes! We’re not Mind Candy or Moshi Monsters – we’re just a fan site! …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/news/november-secret-code-update · Nov 28, 03:18 PM


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