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Welcome to Moshi Secrets

Hi Moshi Fans! We’re working hard on a big update to Moshi Secrets based on all your fantastic feedback to our recent survey so be patient with us while we get things ready. We’ll still be updating our codes and trying our best to keep up with all the latest Moshi News!

How do I get Moshlings?

…My little boy is currently obsessed by Moshi Monsters and judging by the number of members … code (see Special Moshlings below) Complete Super Moshi Missions (See Super Moshi Missions below) Attract … the Seed Cart on Main Street or (if you are a Moshi Member) super seeds. Plant these seeds in each of … Super Seeds Super seeds is only available to Moshi Members. You’ll find that as well as the … Snap Apple Crazy Daisy If you’re into your Moshi conspiracy theories you might read something into …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/moshlings/how-do-i-get-moshlings · Jul 12, 09:59 PM

Goodbye Lady GooGoo, Hello Baby Rox

…If you’ve already completed the first Super-Moshi mission you’ll know that you get Lady … History re-written If you re-play the first Super-Moshi mission now, you’ll find that it’s … Baby Rox! It’s not just the Super-Moshi missions that have been changed. Down in the … 2011.. At the time Mind Candy, the people behind Moshi Monsters were preparing to lauch their Music Rox … the first single from this album would be the Moshi Dance by Lady GooGoo. (You can see see the video …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/news/goodbye-lady-googoo-hello-baby-rox · Nov 27, 03:05 PM

Some Moshi Monsters updates your may have missed

…This been a couple of updates on Moshi Monsters recently that you might have missed I … seems they slipped by under the our radar here at Moshi Secrets HQ! Glump Thumper Medal The first update … awarded when you complete certain actions within Moshi monsters. These are usually pretty easy but this … it yet, have you? Epics added to Season One Super-Moshi Missions That’s right it seems that epics … have now been added to the season one Super-Moshi missions. As you probably know by now, you get …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/news/some-moshi-monsters-updates-your-may-have-missed · Nov 28, 02:55 PM

November secret code update!

…list of all our codes, take a look at our Moshi Monsters Secret Codes page We’ve noticed … The Twistmas website is still live (http://www.moshigift.com), it’s just the codes don’t … disabled the codes! We’re not Mind Candy or Moshi Monsters – we’re just a fan site! …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/news/november-secret-code-update · Nov 28, 03:18 PM

How to get Leo

…moshling to get by completing the final Super-Moshi mission of season two? As usual, there were lots … been solved today with the delivery of the latest Moshi Monsters magazine (issue 24). It includes a … not longer possible to buy Issue 24 of the Moshi Monsters magazine as it’s now showing as … sold out on the back-issue pages of the Moshi Magazine website. …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/moshlings/how-to-get-leo-moshling · Nov 30, 12:22 PM


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