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Moshling Watch - The case of the disappearing Betty

…Just when you thought that the story of Betty, the Yodeling MooMoo couldn’t get any more … mysterious, you’ll now find that Betty has completely vanished from the Moshling Zoo … just days ago that there would be more news on Betty just days ago. Puzzled? We are! What do you think … has happened to Betty? Lummox appears While it’s unusual to see a … new Moshling appear. Even though we may have lost Betty, we now have Lummox. Lummox the Humongous …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/news/moshling-watch-the-case-of-the-disappearing-betty · Aug 12, 08:15 PM

Moshing Watch - Seed Combo to get Betty!

…Yes, that’s right! Betty has returned to the zoo and is now available by … finally happened. Finding out how to get Betty has been been a tale of twists (see: How to get … Betty), but she’s here now! The seed combination … you’ll need to get Betty is: Star Blossom (Black) Love Berries (Any) Hot … Growl teased us with an extreme close-ups of Betty, in the post Extreme Closeup – New Moshling …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/news/moshing-watch-betty-to-return-soon · Sep 5, 05:21 PM

How to get Lummox Moshling

…in the Moshling Zoo at the same time that Betty vanished. Especially as we were expecting a … one-time use code for Betty to be given away with some Moshi Merchandise. … It’s almost as if they decided not to give Betty away at the last minute and replaced her with … seeds and I thought at last i was going to get Betty but instead Lummox turned up!! You can see him in … exactly the same seed we thought would get you Betty! The Moshi Monsters Moshling Mall playset is a …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/moshlings/how-to-get-lummox-moshling · Aug 13, 11:22 AM

How to get Betty Moshling

…The seed combination you need to plant to get Betty was released today. (5th September) You’ll … get Bett? In short – you can’t get Betty (Yet!). There’s lots of rumour and … better outline what we currently know about Betty. Betty, the “Yodeling MooMoo” is the … being spread around YouTube etc. Does anyone have Betty in their Zoo? For a long time, nobody had Betty … one of the Moshi Monsters staff. He’s got Betty in his Zoo (which lots of people have now …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/moshlings/how-to-get-betty-moshling · Apr 17, 11:04 AM

Moshling Watch - Seed combination for Lummox released

…as a bit of a surprise. When Lummox appeared, Betty disappeared from the Zoo which made us all think … that Lummox had replaced Betty. You even needed an Alpine Pinkerbells seeds to … get Lummox and these seeds were first linked to Betty. Betty reappeared later in September along with …
http://www.moshisecrets.com/news/moshling-watch-seed-combination-for-lummox-released · Nov 5, 08:17 AM


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