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How to get Wuzzle

Wuzzle Moshling

Wuzzle, the Wandering Wumple, is a Rare moshling in the Guru’s set.

Unfortunately there’s no free code or seed combination that you can use to get Wuzzle.

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Poppet Delivers Valentines Day Items

Poppet - Moshi Monsters

It was Valentines day on Friday last week and to celebrate, Moshi Monsters added a whole load of Valentines Day related goodies to buy with your Rox!

You’ll find all these items for sale at Bizarre Bazaar (freshly delivered by Poppet) which you can visit by going to Main Street.

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The Moshi Frosty Games are here!

The Moshi Frosty Games Logo

Moshi Monsters have teased us for a few days, but the Moshi Frosty Games are here! Obviously timed to coincide with the Winter Olympics, the Frosty Games puts the different types of monsters in Monstro City in competition with each other as they compete in four different events.

The events are existing mini-games that most of you will have already played. The connection with the Winter Olympics and the “Frosty” title isn’t totally convincing. The only slightly icy event is Ice Scream!

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Quests Return as Daily Prize Quests

Moshi Monsters - Daily Prize Quests

Just like a lot of you out there, we’d thought that we’d seen the last of Quests. In fact, we were even thinking of writing an article about their demise. So we were surprised to see them return – in the shape of “Daily Prize Quests.”

The new “Daily Prize Quests” have the tag-line “Win a Mystery Prize” every day. So are these the same quests that we’ve had in the past or are they something new?

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Moshiling Watch - How to get Willow the Dainty Deer

Willow Moshling

Remember Willow, the Dainty Deer, who appeared in our Moshling Zoo at the same time as 9 other Moshlings?

While we quickly worked out that four of the Moshlings, (Jackson, Fitch, Marty and Blinki) were from the Moshi Movie Mystery missions.

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