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How to get Pops the Crazy Kernel

Pops the Crazy Kernal Moshling

There aren’t many Moshlings that you can get by simply entering a secret code. The exciting news is that Pops the Crazy Kernel Moshling is one such Moshling!

Pops the Crazy Kernel is a Rare Moshlings and joins Lubber and Linton in the Salties Set.

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Captain Buck returns from Pizza Paradise

Captain Buck

There’s another chance to get your “Boat Bounty” medal as Captain Buck has once again, returned to from his voyages.

Timed to coincide with the opening of the Food Factory, Buck is back from Pizza Paradise which is really good news for anyone who wants to decorate their home like a pizza complete with toppings!

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Food Factory - Now Open

Food Factory Out Now

Over the last couple of days we’ve been talking a look at the brand new Moshi Monsters Food Factory.

The good news is that following an announcement in the Daily Growl it’s now been released for everyone to play!

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Food Factory - Bongo Colada Machine Revealed

Food Factory Bongo Colada Machine

Just a day after we took a look at the brand new Moshi Monsters Food Factory, the covers have just come off the Bongo Colda Machine!

Now your Moshlings can get thirsty as well as hungry when you visit the Food Factory!

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Season 1, Mission 4, Candy Catastrophe

The fourth Super Moshi mission in Season 1 sees monsters getting sick all over Monstro City. You’ll need to investigate and find out who’s selling evil candies.

There are no Epic awards in this mission.

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